Joint-stock company “Swetrak” was established in 1998 as a joint venture of the Estonian enterprise AS “Swetrak” and the Lithuanian concern joint-stock company “Alga”. JSC “Swetrak” production activities began in 2000. First production was reinforced concrete sleepers for 1520 mm gauge railways and starting from 2005 – prestressed bearers for turnouts. The railway sleepers for ballasted bridges are in production starting 2011 and the sleepers with gauge 1435 mm. in 2013. The main customer is JSC “Lithuanian Railways”, but there are exports to Latvia, Estonia.


Reinforced concrete sleepers are produced according to Swedish company “Abetong AB” long line technology. JSC “Swetrak” – is one of the 30 companies in the world, working under the technology mentioned above. Production capacity – up to 240 000 units of sleepers, and 120 sets of turnout bearers per year. Concrete sleepers can be equiped by two types of fastening systems: PANDROL FASTCLIP and W14 or W21.

Reinforced concrete sleepers and turnout bearers are produced in accordance with European Union standards EN 13230 – 1, EN 13230 – 2, EN 13230 – 4 requirements.
Concrete sleepers, as well as concrete bearers are certified by the State Enterprise “Certification centre of building products” in Vilnius and issued them with certificates of conformity. The Quality Management System of production of the interobility constituents (reinforced concrete sleepers) was certified according to European Directive 2008/57/EC and the certificates No.1358/4/CH/16/INF/SKEN/121-3 and No.1358/4/CH/16/INF/SKEN/128-1 was issued by Notified body No.1358.


The company has implemented a quality management system, according to standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements, which aim is to ensure the products quality and better to comply to customers needs.

JSC “Swetrak” was awarded by the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists “Lithuanian Product of the Year” (Building materials rating) in 2003.

JSC “Swetrak” was awarded by the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists “Successfully operating company” honorary Diploma of Merit for the modernization of production, improving working conditions, expanding the range of products and markets in 2004.

JSC “Swetrak became a winner in the competition for businesses nomination “Best small business” in Marijampole city in 2005.


JSC “Swetrak” was awarded by award „Gazelės“ for the rapid development, flexibility and profitability in year 2015